Marriage Counseling

Marriage not what it used to be? Whether your relationship started out on the wrong foot, slowly drifted apart or was disrupted by events, marriage counseling can help put it back on the right path. Marriage counseling can help improve closeness, rebalance roles, improve communication, and find solutions to problems that divide you. Research has shown that marriage counseling has larger effect size than coronary bypass surgery [Shadish, W. R., & Baldwin, S. A. (2002)].

Communication Skills Training

Not feeling heard? Marriage counseling can help improve communication in couples. Learn to discuss issues productively, reduce defensiveness and arguments, and get your point across effectively. Whether you play prosecutor and defense, or engage in symmetrical escalations, communication skills training can help you restore productive dialogue.

Conflict Resolution

Are you at loggerheads with your spouse? Sometimes conflict goes beyond not being able to communicate. You might have real problems that divide you. We can help find solutions to problems that appear blocked.

Help Resolving Affairs

Have you or your spouse had an affair? Affairs can be very painful and destructive events in a marriage. Healing can be a difficult process. But not all affairs are created equal. There are different types of affairs that each require a different approach. Let us determine the specific type of affair that has occurred and develop a treatment plan tailored just for you.


Does your child have different rules for different houses? When parents are divided, children can play both ends against the middle. Let us help you close the breach so your children don't become confused.